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SNLIDE Soda Water Machine with 1000ML Bottle, DIY Stickers and One 60L CO2 Exchange Carbonator

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Sale price$79.99 Regular price$129.99


Product Description

No batteries or other electric resources, how does the soda streaming machine turn water into soda water in seconds? The CO2 cylinder you screw into the soda maker is the power source. When you press the release button, the gas pressurized in the cylinder will be released through the machine into the sealed Pet Bottle. And provide enough sparkle for your water. We recommend using SNLIDE CO2 cylinders or other standard 60L CO2 cylinders on the market. One is included with your purchase. We also recommend having 2 of these cylinders so you can give yourself a little time to replace them when one becomes empty. Think of it like a propane tank and your BBQ.


  • Easy to Get a Healthier LifeReady to start your healthier life? SNLIDE sparkling water maker will be your powerful helper to start a healthier lifestyle! It is extremely easy and convenient to use. Just press the button on the top of the soda machine for about 1s. The soda maker can quickly turn water into sparkling water. You can choose the suitable carbonated level by choosing the number of compressions.
  • Create Fun & Drink HappyAfter getting carbonated soda water, you can get a homemade Lemonade by adding lemon+ice cubes+mint +soda water. A fruit sparking tea with fruit (lime, watermelon, mango) + green tea+ sparking water is a better choice in the summer! Soft drins of sparkling water+ice cubes+different flavored drops are perfect for entertaining friends and family! You can have a one-of-a-kind DIY drink at your fingertips! Tip: Using refrigerated water will give you a better fizz!
  • Simple and Stylish Design The SNLIDE soda water maker has a slim body design, making it easy to store. A minimalist and glossy look blends in perfectly anywhere in your home without losing its brilliance. The large-capacity 1000 ML Pet Bottle will make you willing to take it. Easy to carry with you when exercising in the gym, hiking, cycling, etc. You no longer need to buy expensive sodas while exercising!
  • Compatible WithThe product is suitable for: In addition to SNLIDE's exchange CO2 cylinder (included in the package), most of standard size screw-in 60L CO2 carbonators on the Amazon are also compatible with the SNLIDE Soda Maker, which is easily exchanged at several retailers (Soda stream, Sodasense, Drinkmate) or order online. *Not Compatible with pink cap Quick Connect Cylinder system.
  • Environmental Friendly & Warranty1 bottle of 60L carbon dioxide gas bottle can make about 180 bottles of 11oz plastic bottled soda water. No longer have to throw away plastic bottles. Using a home soda maker saves money and does your part to protect the environment.

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