Sell to Us : WE BUY YOUR CLOSEOUTS! buys millions of dollars of excess inventory and closeouts from thousands of suppliers throughout the United States, Canada and Asia.

If your company has excess inventory, closeouts, stock, or dead inventory and you need to move it fast and efficiently we are here to buy your stock.

Our team has decades of experience in direct import, wholesale, and retail. We are uniquely qualified to evaluate your inventory to achieve the best possible return for you. We will act fast, pick up at your facilities and arrange favourable payment options.

No inventory is too large and most are not too small!

No F in your FBA ?

Amazon Overstock Inventory Solutions ! also buys overstocked Amazon inventory. We know sometimes items can slow down or stop selling. If you want to stop paying storage fees with Amazon, we are here to help. We provide a discreet solutions and we won't relist your items on Amazon. We can also provide de-branding and offline liquidation solutions.

Contact us for a fast and fair resolution to your inventory concerns.


Know of a Deal ?  Make Some Cash !

Know of a deal or a closeout, become a Bargain Hunter and earn extra dollars. will pay you a finders fee if you find us some great stuff. Finders fees can range from a few hundreds of dollars to thousands and thousands. Each deal is evaluated independently and we pay you immediately on completion of transaction, no waiting around for your check *.


How We Work With Companies:

Our clients are usually healthy businesses that need our services for a variety of reasons.

We purchase inventories from closeouts, packaging changes, discontinued products, excess inventories, shelf pulls and other situations that leave companies wondering how best to get maximum value from their stock. (We are also always ready to help liquidate stock for companies in financial trouble.)

We are there to deal with the realities of the "imperfect relationship" that exists between suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and those that serve the retailers. We do this in a professional manner offering channel control and fair terms.

Here's just a sample of the situations we help with:

  • Cancelled orders
  • Packaging changes
  • Late shipments/missed deadlines
  • Out of season merchandise
  • Close to date codes
  • Buy backs (shelf pulls)
  • Surplus stock on hand
  • Changed specs
  • Bankruptcy/receivership's
  • Competitive issues (i.e., failed launches, competition, market share)
  • Cash flow problems
  • Labeling issues
  • Excess packaging/goods
  • Store closures
  • Insurance claims
  • Business retirement

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