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PARTU 2 Pack True HEPA Air Purifiers for Dust, Smoke, Pet Dander, Pollen

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Sale price$67.99 Regular price$69.99


High-Efficiency Filtration System-3 Stage filters: Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon work together to re-move 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size, such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet fur, odor etc. A good choice for pet owners. Aromatherapy Air Purifier-Simply placing essential oils on the pad creates a relaxing yet healthy benefits. Air purifier with fragrance sponge provides a proper way to scent your home naturally while purifying the air. Child Lock-Kids and pets can play freely while the lock set works to prevent error operations. Compact and Sleek-Classic and sleek design serves your home and blending in with your decor. Compact size either fits on desk or stand on the floor. Tabletop air purifier for bedroom, living room, office and kitchen. Adjustable 3 Speeds, Quiet Operation-3 fans speed setting of room air purifiers for meeting different area, air quality and personal needs. Ultra quite as low as 24db in low speed. You even don't notice it when smoke air cleaners for home purifying. Enjoy your sleep or work without disturbances. Smart Filter Change Reminder-Air dust cleaner built-in replacement Indicator, it will beep and light up to remind you when need to replace filter. For Best results, it is recommended to replace filter about 3-6 months.


  • Good For Pet Owners - Small pet hairs and dander drifting around, all the various odors that go along with pet care (litter boxes, carpet accidents, dirt through the house).  HEPA air purifiers for pets can help filter out visible fur, to very small dander.
  • Getting Rid of the Smoke - If you're concerned about smoke in your home or workspace, then the air purifier would be a good helper. It traps smoke from tobacco products or fires. Lets you avoid the trouble of second-hand smoke.
  • Neutralizes Unpleasant Odors - When have guests coming over, you have no worry about the smoke or the odor of cooking bothering them. The air purifier with activated carbon filter can absorb most of the smells.

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