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Coghlan's Vinyl Repair Kit for Vinyl Air Mattresses and Inflatables

Save $34.99

Sale price$15.00 Regular price$49.99


Product Description

Coghlans Vinyl Repair Kit is the perfect kit to bring along to the lake, pool, or just to have in your toolkit. It provides everything you need to fix vinyl gear so you can make on the spot repairs and keep the activities going. Ideal for repairing punctures and tears in vinyl air mattresses, sleeping pads, inflatable watercraft, and toys, small rips are no match for the Coghlans Vinyl Repair Kit. This all-in-one kit contains a tube of high-strength adhesive cement, various sizes of adhesive PVC patches, applicator brush, and metal rasp. You can use the adhesive patches for quick and temporary fixes while on the move or use the adhesive cement and allow it to cure for a minimum of 24 hours to create a permanent seal.


  • Easy on-the-spot repairs of vinyl products
  • Can be used as a temporary solution or a permanent repair
  • Creates airtight seal once vinyl cement has cured
  • All-in-one kit contains: vinyl cement (.30 fl. Oz.), 1 metal rasp, applicator brush, 1 X-Large adhesive PVC patch (2.95 x 1.97), 1 Large adhesive PVC patch (1.97 x 1.26), and 2 Small adhesive PVC patches (0.98 x 0.98)
  • Compact kit for easy storage
  • Bring to the lake, poolside, or camping

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