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Coghlan's 2-Person Hiking Bundle - Includes: 2-Bear Bells w/Silencer and 2-Mosquito Head Nets

Save $34.42

Sale price$15.57 Regular price$49.99


Product Description

This hiking bundle includes 2 Bear Bells, a loud ringing bell that attaches to clothing, bicycle, sledge or walking/ski pole. The sound of this little bell is supposed to drive away bears or - much more common in our latitudes - pedestrians and other contemporaries. The highlight of this bell is the attached safety device with a small magnet. The bell can be completely shut down! Ingenious solution for an old problem. With Velcro bands for fastening. It also includes 2 Mosquito Head Nets made of tightly woven mesh, these head nets are intended to be worn over a hat or other headwear. They are elasticized at the neck for a nice, snug fit.


  • Bear Bell Attaches to clothing or pack with a velcro strap.
  • Movement of the Bear Bell will cause a steady ringing to warn animals of your presence.
  • While the bell is in the bag, the magnet eliminates any noise.
  • Mosquito Head Net is intended to be worn over a hat or headgear and is made of high quality, durable mesh
  • Head Net is elasticized at the neck for a snug fit

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