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WonderWorker Newton Adjustable Laptop Table Bed Tray Cooling Pad, Lightweight Aluminum, Portable Folding Laptop Stand, Black Standard

Save $7.00

Sale price$17.99 Regular price$24.99


Product Description

Very light - 1 kg. Made with aluminum alloy achieve high quality and compact design Flexible adjustment (more than 7 possible positions): adjustable and versatile Passive cooling, fast and quiet thanks to ventilation holes Dimensions: 27x42cm. Ideal table for laptops up to 17 inches. Butt to hold the laptop at any angle. Very compact when folded (only 4 cm thick! ); easy to store Make your laptop as portable and convenient as it means! Helps to use your laptop to work and relax (games, TV shows, movies, surf the Internet, breakfast in bed). Adjust a desk to your needs: choose a comfortable position and the angle that suits you


  • Very robust and sturdy. Our laptop table for your bed is made from a very lightweight, sturdy aluminum alloy. Holds up to 33 LBS (15 kg), weighs only 2,2Lbs (1 kg). A product with long durability for your living room or bedroom
  • Modern design. Quick and easy adjustment, practical and compact: Newton offers enough space for a laptop, MacBook or iPad (7-17") and can be used as a tray table, book stand, TV dinner tray, bedside table, music stand etc.
  • Adjustable: Your laptop stand can be adjusted using angled wheels attached to the joints, allowing you to adjust it to your sitting or lying needs. Comfortable in any position: Sitting, standing, or lying in bed. Use desk for you needs: choose a comfortable position and angle
  • Stopper to hold the laptop at any angle. Table size 10X16,5 Inch (27 X 42cm). Adjustable height from 1,5x19 Inch (4 to 48cm)
  • Ventilation included: Both Newtons special material and a perforated design help protect your device from overheating via natural "Zero Noise Cooling"

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